RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS

RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS
RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS
RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS
RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS
RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS
RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS

RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS
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Find us on the web at. It's always best to wait for our invoice before paying for your item. Please see our other listings - new items added. Originally taught by his father, Julian Bream b. 1933 made his debut with the Cheltham Guitar Circle at the age of 14.

By the age of 16, already a seasoned recitalist, he entered the Royal College of Music. He made his London debut in 1950, but it was his appearance in November of 1951 at Wigmore Hall that propelled his career to international success. This led him first to Switzerland in 1954, followed by a European tour, and in 1958, the United States. In 1950, Bream took up the Renaissance lute, and began a life-long fascination with Elizabethan music.

His work with the tenor Peter Pears, and especially his formation of the Julian Bream Consort began a revival of early consort music that has continued to the present day. In addition, his work with such contemporary composers Villa-Lobos, Britten, Bennet, Rawsthorne, Walton, Henze, Takemitsu, Tippett, and Arnold led to a revival of interest in guitar music. Bream has recorded extensively, receiving numerous awards along the way including six from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and a platinum disk from RCA.

He has also produced a number of televised programs, including master classes, an eight-part retrospective on Spanish music, and a biography entitled A Life in the Country, first broadcast in 1976 by the BBC. Among his many other awards are honorary doctorates from the Universities of Surrey and Leeds, an honorary membership in the Royal Academy of Music, an honorary fellowship in the Royal College of Music, and an honorary membership in the Royal Philharmonic Society.

Julian Bream was the first musician of the post-war era to popularize classical guitar. His wide ranging interests in repertory, his impeccable technique and style, his instrumental role in the revival of Renaissance music, and his extensive recorded legacy place him as one of the giants of twentieth century guitar music. Steven Coburn Julian Bream celebrated his 80th birthday in July this year. You wouldnt know it if you had heard his endearing speech droll, witty, self-effacing - at the 2013 Gramophone Awards as he collected a long overdue Lifetime Achievement Award, though these days he walks with the aid of a stick (anno domini as he ruefully admitted).

Bream no longer plays in public, but we are left with the truly great legacy of his recordings which, he claims, he never listens to. The larger part of this legacy, his complete RCA recordings, arrived for review in a solid cloth box with gold lettering de luxe model. I can honestly say I have never seen a set of CDs so beautifully and carefully presented, right down to the thoughtful addition of a ribbon to help open the tightly fitting lid, and the accommodating gap left for your hand to rifle through the 40 CDs obviating the usual manoeuvre when discs are too tightly packed of having to pull out a dozen of them to get the one you want. You will be paying top dollar for this little lot, so let me tell you what you get beyond the classy packaging.

The accompanying quality hardback booklet is in three languages which, after a well-judged introductory essay by Graham Wade, devotes a page to the track listing and timings of each CD. These are presented as miniature LPs with their original sleeve notes, covers extraordinary how evocative some of these are and contents: hence the shorter-than-usual running time of most discs (usually about the mid-40 minute mark). Producer Robert Russ has ordered them in more or less chronological order. This is the most sensible way of presenting an intégrale like this.

Not only can we follow Breams development, discoveries, enthusiasms and commissions through the decades but also his ever-receding hairline from the full head of 1959 (The Art of Julian Bream his earliest recording for RCA) to the widows peak of the 1970s and the now-familiar bald pate of the 1980s (the last album here is La Guitarra Romantica from 1990). The (slight) disadvantage of this method is that any musical chronology goes out of the window. To get round this, Russ helpfully provides a complete discography (including Breams early Westminster and later EMI titles, none of which are included in this set of course) listed in 10 categories within which composers are listed alphabetically attached to the relevant CD number. Thus it is fairly easy to scan these pages and pick out all the Tárrega, Torroba and Turina or whatever else takes your fancy. Despite the 30 years covered by this anthology, there are only a few repertoire duplications: three Concierto di Aranjuez (two with John Eliot Gardner conducting different orchestras, though I find it difficult to prefer either to Breams debut recording of the work) and alternative versions of a handful of Villa-Lobos and Albéniz.

The saddest omission is that of the Bach Chaconne recorded only for other labels, but it is as hard to find fault with this collection (I spotted the minor omissions of Schuberts dates thats all) as it is to single out any particular LP/CD for praise above any others. Personal preference might lead you to the lute recordings (solos, three albums with Peter Peers or the wonderful 1969 disc of sonatas for lute and harpsichord with the great George Malcolm) or to the many new works commissioned by or dedicated to Bream Waltons Five Bagatelles, for example, Malcolm Arnolds Concerto and, most famous of all, Brittens Nocturnal. For what its worth, I was delighted to be reacquainted with Two Loves, the sequence of Dowland and Shakespeare with Dame Peggy Ashcroft, the Villa-Lobos Études and the three discs with John Williams, the third of them recorded live in Avery Fisher Hall in 1978 you would not have heard them better from the best seats in the house.

But since you push me Ill pick just one: CD 14 from 1967 Boccherinis Introduction and Fandango (with George Malcolm again) and Haydns Guitar Quartet in D major with an adagio movement of mesmerising beauty. In addition to the 40 CDs are two DVDs packed with three hours of previously unreleased goodies. Julian Bream: A Life in the Country is a Herbert Chappell film for the BBC (1976) plus a 1982 Omnibus feature with Bream playing and taking about Sir William Walton. DVD two is another BBC TV classic of the Julian Bream Consort made in 1961, a Monitor film profile from the following year, a second programme of the Consort (1964) and a 30 minute 1972 film of Kenneth Allsop in conversation with Bream. Oh and should our current Minister for the Arts (whoever he or she happens to be this month) be reading this perchance, why isnt Mr Bream Sir Julian?

Perhaps like Vaughan Williams and JB Priestley he has been offered a knighthood and declined for his own good reason. If not, please forward his name to the Honours Committee without delay. The greatest and most influential classical guitarist of our age deserves no less. Jeremy Nicholas There was once before on offer a complete set of the RCA Julian Bream recordings: the 1993 release of a 28 CD set by BMG Classics. But it wasnt really complete, as aficionados of Breams discography found to their chagrin.

Additionally, the price was high and the set was soon discontinued. After Sony bought out BMG, we had to put up with Sonys penchant for reissuing Bream recordings chopped up piecemeal. Some performances were released in compilations that made a dogs breakfast of Breams thoughtfully programmed original releases.

Other classic performances languished unreleased. If ever one wanted evidence that the music industry is overrun by soulless bean counters who care nothing about artistry, Sonys treatment of the Bream discography was a good example. But with this new boxed set, released to coincide with Breams 80th birthday, Sony finally gets it right. All the RCA recordings are here, issued as they were in their original releases. Well, not quiteSony omits some spoken comments originally on the Bream and John Williams 1979 live album.

But all the music is here. Included with the 40 CDs is a hardbound book with a brief bio and detailed program listings of all the recordings. Longtime observers of Breams career will find little new information here, but its nice to have. Also included are two DVD disks that contain concert footage of Bream in his prime, a BBC documentary about Bream, and a 1972 television interview. Watching these vintage broadcasts gives a sense of the man behind the music.

Its easy to see why he was such a compelling player. One senses that the man was incapable of being bored, such is the passion he brought to everything he did. Breams career suggests that excellence is its own justification.

Much of what he did had little to do with guessing what his audiences wanted and then giving it to them. Rather, he followed his own interests and did it so well that we were lured into his eclectic world. For example, mainstream audiences of the time werent clamoring to hear Bream play the renaissance lute. Bream did it for the simple reason that he loved the music.

While its wrong to say he single-handedly launched an early music movement, he did bring a virtuosos flair to music that often suffered from amateurish performances. Bream showed that, in the right hands, lute music is more than an antiquated curiosity.

Time has taken a toll on some of the original recordings. For example, in the 1965 recording of Bream and Peter Pears, one can hear occasional bits of distortion in the recorded sound. But these bits are mercifully short and dont detract from the overall performances. Younger guitar enthusiasts weened on the homogenized sound of todays players may at first be put off by Breams electric musicianship.

His articulation could be incisive or brittle, depending on your taste. His tone, particularly after the mid 1970s, could be thin and overly bright. To those unfamiliar with Bream and coming to this set with fresh ears, I suggest a chronological approach. Start with the earliest recordings in this set.

If youve the perception to hear a keen mind and heart at work, youll be richly rewarded. Because of a recent injuryhe was knocked to the ground by an over-enthusiastic dogBream has given up playing the guitar. Interviewed near his 80th birthday, he had this to say: Ive had a great life. Im letting go, yes, but in a controlled way. Now its time to let go, to enjoy whats left. A great life, indeed, Mr. Yours is a vivid legacy for which I and many others sincerely thank you. This listing is for a very rare, out of print Boxed Set of 42-Discs & Extras - a.

FACTORY SEALED and MINT condition set, PRESSED and ISSUED by RCA / SONY Classical Records. Of a highly collectible title from their catalog featuring performances by. Julian Bream: The Complete RCA Album Collection.

DISC 1 The Art of Julian Bream DISC 2 Giuliani - Guitar Concerto - Arnold - Concerto, Op. 67 - Melos Ensemble DISC 3 The Golden Age of English Lute Music DISC 4 An Evening of Elisabethan Music. DISC 5 Popular Classics for Spanish Guitar. DISC 6 Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez - Vivaldi - Concerto for Lute - Britten - Courtly Dances - Melos Chamber Orch.

Davis DISC 7 Music for Voice and Guitar - Peter Pears. DISC 8 Julian Bream in Concert DISC 9 Baroque Guitar. DISC 10 Bach Lute Suites Nos. DISC 11 Lute Music from the Royal Courts of Europe.

DISC 12 20th Century Guitar. DISC 13 The Dances of Dowland. DISC 14 Julian Bream and His Friends - Cremona String Quartet - George Malcolm DISC 15 Classic Guitar DISC 16 Sonatas for Lute and Harpsichord - George Malcolm DISC 17 Elizabethan Lute Songs - Peter Pears. DISC 19 Julian Bream plays Villa-Lobos - London Symphony Orchestra - Davis DISC 20 Julian & John DISC 21 The Woods So Wild.

DISC 23 Julian & John 2. DISC 24 Giuliani - Le Rossiniane - Sor - Sonata in C, Op. DISC 25 Concertos for Lute and Orchestra - The Monteverdi Orchestra - Gardiner DISC 26 Rodrigo - Concerto De Aranjuez - Berkeley Guitar Concerto - The Monteverdi Orchestra - Gardiner DISC 27 The Lute Music of John Dowland. DISC 28 Villa Lobos - 12 Etudes for Guitar - Suite populaire bresilienne. DISC 29 Julian Bream and John Williams "Live".

DISC 30 Music of Spain Vol. 1 - Milán - Narvárez.

DISC 31 Music of Spain Vol. 4 - Garcia - Sor.

DISC 32 Music of Spain Vol. 5 - Albéniz - Granados.

DISC 33 Music of Spain Vol. 8 - Rodrigo - Concierto di Aranjuez - Chamber Orchestra of Europe Gardiner. DISC 35 A Celebration of Andrés Segovia - Music of Spain Vol. The Guitar in Spain Julian Bream.

DISC 37 Guitar Concertos: Brouwer - Concerto elegiaco - Rodrigo - Fantasia para un gentilhombre - RCA Victor Chamber Orchestra Brouwer. DISC 38 Fantasies, Ayres And Dances - Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort Music The Julian Bream Consort DISC 39 Two Loves - A Sequence of Poetry and Music by Shakespeare and Dowland - Peggy Ashcroft DISC 40 La Guitarra Romantica: Llobet, Pujol, Tárrega. DVD 1 Bonus DVD 2 Bonus.

The Boxed Set is from the rare. RCA / SONY Classical Records.

CDs made in the EU (Poland we believe). The CDs, OUTER BOX and INSERTS are all assumed to be in. Condition as this item is FACTORY SEALED!

Comes complete - a superb collectible! This CD is an audiophile quality pressing any collector of fine MFSL, half speeds, direct to discs, Japanese/UK pressings etc. Can attest to the difference a quality pressing can make to an audio system.

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RCA 42-Disc Box Set Julian Bream The Complete RCA Album Collection 2013 EU SS

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